Clubs & Swing Torches

The swinging torch or swinging club is in a similar fashion to poi spinning, only the chain is a solid shaft. This tool differs from a juggling torch only slightly in shape and weight. Swinging torches as one swings poi gives the torches a slightly different effect seeming a bit more rigid in motion and giving them the added ability of any static tool, to be held completely still in many positions. Because of their shape and construct they are similar to both poi and double staff, therefore their technique and natural motion becomes a harmonious blend of the two.

The origins of this tool stem from Indian clubs. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe, the British Commonwealth and the United States. Indian clubs derive their name from the much larger and heavier objects of similar shape traditionally used by martial artists and Pehlwani wrestlers in India to train for strength. The practice of swinging such clubs to develop physical fitness was first recorded in ancient Egypt and the Middle East.

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