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Fire at Navy Pier’s Halloween 2012

Pyrotechniq will be lighting up the stage with dazzling, spectacular, engaging fire performances for all those at Navy Pier’s Big Halloween Bash! Located in Gateway Park at the entrance of Navy Pier, our shows will be at 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm on all dates listed below. All shows are FREE, family friendly and always a great […]

Custom Fire Hoops

Spin with the same fire hula hoops we use. We can build them in the size you want, and decorate them to your requests. Just contact us for more information on our hoops.

The History of Combustion Thursdays

Combustion Thursdays started at the beginning of 2006 when the 5 original founders of Pyrotechniq chose to gather each week to spin fire, create amazing things, continue strengthening their bonds, scheme up trouble, and enjoy each other’s company. It has since grown beyond the Pyrotechniq troupe and opened to the greater Chicago fire community as […]

How to Make Spinning Flags

How to make spinning flags To make flags, you need a few things: Suitable Fabric A light, draping weave, such as a silk, makes the best flag. Knits and stretch fabrics don’t work as well, since the weights tend to pull the flag out of shape and make it difficult to fly. Colors and patterns […]