The History of Combustion Thursdays

Combustion Thursdays started at the beginning of 2006 when the 5 original founders of Pyrotechniq chose to gather each week to spin fire, create amazing things, continue strengthening their bonds, scheme up trouble, and enjoy each other’s company. It has since grown beyond the Pyrotechniq troupe and opened to the greater Chicago fire community as a way to share space and learn the fire arts.

When asked about the purpose of Combustion Thursday, “Burn and Learn” is the embodiment of the event. The intention is to focus on the fire arts for the fire community as a place where there’s not a large audience. Hence people feel comfortable playing and learning and strengthening community. It’s about the spinners, fire or non-fire. All spinners are welcome. We humbly request that these events be limited to current, practicing, and aspiring fire performers.

For more information about Combustion Thursdays, please apply to the Chicago Fire Dancing List.