Theatrical Fire Performances


Pyrotechniq has significant experience designing, producing, and executing visually stunning kinetic fire performances. Our performances include a set of choreographed pieces with elements of fire, UV and L.E.D..

We customize the show to the specific needs of the venue and theme of your event.  A typical show includes a combination of solos, duets, trios, quartets and if applicable and a large-scale finale. We include a wide spectrum of musical styles to cater to all tastes and atmospheres and employ many elements of dance and body movement. Our performances engage any audience with the element of fire combined with dance, prop manipulation, creative costuming, dramatic sound and energetic choreography.

We have many choreographed pieces to accommodate any venue, with safety as our #1 guiding principle. We are experienced in performing in a variety of environments including  grass, indoor gymnasiums, professional stages, concrete, carpet and even standing in water! As long as we have adequate ceiling height, proper exits and ventilation that meets our safety standards, we can provide a show anywhere. Our shows are completely modular and can be easily modified in length, theme, number of performers and style.

We incorporate a wide range of tools, including but not limited to hula hoops, fire swords, umbrellas, poi, fans, rope dart, staves, clubs, palm torches, juggling torches, levitation wands, and veils, fire eating, fire breathing, fire belts and buugeng!

We’d love to hear your ideas and incorporate them into our show.