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People’s Promenade on the Bloomingdale Trail 606

Pyrotechniq is proud to be a part of The People’s Promenade: A Walk with Light this Sunday 12/20 on the 606! Come help us bring the light as a procession of well lit neighbors (bring your own light to wear or carry!) Starts at Ridgeway Park at 4:30pm making its way to a host of […]

Tech Fans and Fans Choreography 7-Week Class Series With Ellie SoRokin’

Hey Fan Tech Enthusiasts! Wanna LEARN fan stuff? This is a lot of good info (I hope), so get ready… I am a fire performer living in Chicago. I have been spinning for 7 years and teaching for 3 with multiple props including hoop, iso hoop, poi, staff, double staff, clubs and FANS! I spin […]

The History of Combustion Thursdays

Combustion Thursdays started at the beginning of 2006 when the 5 original founders of Pyrotechniq chose to gather each week to spin fire, create amazing things, continue strengthening their bonds, scheme up trouble, and enjoy each other’s company. It has since grown beyond the Pyrotechniq troupe and opened to the greater Chicago fire community as […]

How to Make Spinning Flags

How to make spinning flags To make flags, you need a few things: Suitable Fabric A light, draping weave, such as a silk, makes the best flag. Knits and stretch fabrics don’t work as well, since the weights tend to pull the flag out of shape and make it difficult to fly. Colors and patterns […]