Meet “The Pyros”

Our strength flows from the synergy of a diverse, talented group of artists, performers, and dancers who have become a close knit family over the years. Welcome to a little slice of who we are!


Avi’s creative passion for the fire arts ignited in 2010. His determined effort to reach beyond personal limitations inspires his innovative work with contact staff, multi-staff, juggling, poi and dragon staff. In addition to creating works of art with a performance troupe, Avi is highly engaged in social circus projects. He is the Tour Coordinator […]

rope dart loki averro clown


Loki Averro is a flow artist and teacher, with a passion for martial arts and circus. He started clowning around as soon as he could walk, and began his journey with spinning in 2011. He spent the last couple of years traveling to fire festivals and teaching kids how to circus, and is now focusing […]


Jeremy fell in love with object manipulation and fire dancing in late 2012, just after turning 18 years old. After spending some time on poi, he moved on to staffs and other forms of object manipulation. In the summer of 2015, Jeremy was brought in as a member of Pyrotechniq, and is extremely honored to […]


Emily Perkins, better known as Perkulator, first fell in love with hoop in 2011. Though always staying true to hoop, her practice has expanded to include acrobatics, fans, contact staff, levitation wand, double staves, fire eating, and more. Her passion for movement has led her across the nation- teaching, performing, and producing at events such as […]

fire fans, gaea lady, fire

Gaea Lady

  Andrea aka Gaea Lady has been moving in mysterious ways since she was 3 years old and hasn’t ever given it up. An enchantress by nature, she sees her body as her instrument to express herself. Studying classical forms to start her career, her attention soon went the way of the ethereal including fire, hoops […]

Ashley Bertling

Ashley has passionately pursued the art of fire since 2004. In 2006 Ashley co-founded the group presently known as Pyrotechniq. She contributes her technical, managerial and object manipulation skills to the group with grace. She enjoys performing with all things fire, including but never limited to: poi, hula hoop, jump ropes, umbrella, hand candles, fire […]

Honoring space with fire at a memorial, double staves

Devin Breen

Devin is a founding member of the Pyrotechniq fire performance troupe and a Chicago native. His interest in the flow arts began in 2006. Devin performed in hundreds of shows with Pyrotechniq until 2015 when he left to pursue other passions.

Ellie Sorokin

Ellie’s love for movement was discovered and honed at the age of 9 in 4 years of semi-intensive classical ballet training. Ellie began prop manipulation with a hoop in 2006. In the fall of 2007 she met Sensei Kyle Ford at a music festival in Minnesota where he taught her the 3-beat weave with a […]

Liz Campanella-Breen

Liz joined Pyrotechniq in 2007. Her business savvy and relentless energy helped build Pyrotechniq into what it is today. Liz managed and performed in hundreds of shows with Pyrotechniq until 2015 when she left to pursue other passions.

Davion Griffin

The youngest member of this Pyro Family, his passions include object manipulation, fire poi, dominating any breakdance floor, riding his bike and he loves! school.